Certified Building Commissioning Firm (CBCF) Announcement

Happy Anniversary to Akron Children's Hospital Kay Jewelers Pavilion

Green Local Schools - Green High School Receives Energy Star Certification
Green Local Schools receives EPA Energy Star Certification on their High School.

Green Local Schools Upgrades Produce Large Energy Savings
First year reconciliation report reveals large energy savings for Green Local Schools.

Lake Local Schools Energy Project Recognized at the State House
The Lake Local Schools energy project that received the Association of Energy Engineers Region III 2015 Energy Project of the Year Award was recently recognized by the State House of Representatives.

CCG Automation receives Business of the Year Award from the Richfield Chamber of Commerce
CCG Automation is the proud recipient of the annual Richfield Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award. An award that was created by the Chamber of Commerce to recognize companies that provide both civic and economic contributions to the community.

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At CCG we aren’t afraid to show our performance record.  Whether you are comparing the utility consumption or the comfort of buildings, we are confident that we will be on the top of the list.  We welcome the challenge to compare our performance to the competition.  

Would you invest money with a financial planner without knowing their past performance?  Have you seen the past performance of our competition?  Don’t rate performance just on energy reductions, base it on annual energy consumption.  In some buildings it is fairly simple to reduce energy consumption by 20% - if their base consumption is twice the norm.  Measure performance by the actual energy consumed after an energy project is complete.  The EPA has a great tool to do this with their Energy Star Portfolio Manager Tool.

Our competition includes small companies, medium companies and large international companies with multiple locations in the state of Ohio, yet we still received 4% of all the prestigious Energy Star Certifications awarded buildings in the state last year.

As measured by BTU/ft2/Year, as the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager does, CCG has many of the best performing buildings in the country.  See our Success Story on Hudson High School that is rated 100 out of 100.  Or see how we took Mount Vernon Middle School from a 1 to a 97. 

We understand that developing a project with the Total Cost of Ownership in mind, while focusing on the comfort of the occupants results in a successful project.  The Devil is in the details.  Our employees are dedicated to delivering award-winning projects to our customers.