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Happy Anniversary to Akron Children's Hospital Kay Jewelers Pavilion

Green Local Schools - Green High School Receives Energy Star Certification
Green Local Schools receives EPA Energy Star Certification on their High School.

Green Local Schools Upgrades Produce Large Energy Savings
First year reconciliation report reveals large energy savings for Green Local Schools.

Lake Local Schools Energy Project Recognized at the State House
The Lake Local Schools energy project that received the Association of Energy Engineers Region III 2015 Energy Project of the Year Award was recently recognized by the State House of Representatives.

CCG Automation receives Business of the Year Award from the Richfield Chamber of Commerce
CCG Automation is the proud recipient of the annual Richfield Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award. An award that was created by the Chamber of Commerce to recognize companies that provide both civic and economic contributions to the community.

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Green Local Schools

House Bill 264
Energy Conservation Program

  • Project Cost:
  • Projected Annual Energy Savings:

The project will address several Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) in the Middle, Intermediate, Primary, Elementary, and High Schools, as well as the Stadium including:

  • Boiler piping and control sequence upgrades to improve boiler system efficiency.
  • Building automation upgrades throughout the High School.
  • Lighting upgrades to include lamp/ballast upgrades, fixture replacements, and parking lot lighting at the stadium.
  • Mechanical upgrades to the kitchen exhaust and makeup to reduce outside air and address building pressurization issues. 
  • Installation of synchronous drives and variable speed drives on designated equipment.

Projected Annual Savings

  • 1,227,295  kWh of electricity
  • 3,209 MCF of natural gas
  • Operational savings

Along with the energy and cost savings for the building, the positive environmental impact of this project extends far beyond this community. Projected energy reductions by Green Local School District will prevent a significant amount of pollutants from being emitted into the atmosphere each year, including an estimated:

  • 1,816,766 lbs. of carbon dioxide
  • 19,638 lbs. of sulfur dioxide
  • 9,843 lbs. of nitrogen oxide

Combined, these projected energy savings are equivalent to taking 134.58 cars off the road.


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