• Be Green with CCG

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency helps track the current consumption of your buildings and reductions in consumption from energy reduction initiatives through the Energy Star Program.

    Learn how the EPA rates these products and practices.

  • Be Confident with CCG

    Compare our performance record against any other energy services company.

    Whether you are comparing the utility consumption or the comfort of buildings, we are confident that we will be on the top of the list.

  • Be Informed with CCG

    We understand the TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP.

    When researching energy services companies, you'll find that CCG Energy Solutions can truly give you the lowest total cost, freeing up your time and money for more important matters.

  • Be Comfortable with CCG

    We focus on your comfort. In school, at the office or at any facility, we know how to keep you comfortable.

    Find out how you can reduce energy costs without sacrificing comfort.

  • Be Reassured with CCG

    Relax. We'll sweat the details so you don't have to.

    Most energy projects focus on the low-hanging fruit - not CCG Energy Solutions, you can count on us to attend to every detail!

  • Be Responsible with CCG

    We help you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and reduce you carbon footprint.

    It's the responsible thing to do - and the EPA can help you track your success with their Energy Star Program.

  • Be Free with CCG

    With all the money you save on utility bills, you'll be free to spend on other things... Things that matter.

    See how much our customers are saving from working with us!


Certified Building Commissioning Firm (CBCF) Announcement

Happy Anniversary to Akron Children's Hospital Kay Jewelers Pavilion

Green Local Schools - Green High School Receives Energy Star Certification
Green Local Schools receives EPA Energy Star Certification on their High School.

Green Local Schools Upgrades Produce Large Energy Savings
First year reconciliation report reveals large energy savings for Green Local Schools.

Lake Local Schools Energy Project Recognized at the State House
The Lake Local Schools energy project that received the Association of Energy Engineers Region III 2015 Energy Project of the Year Award was recently recognized by the State House of Representatives.

CCG Automation receives Business of the Year Award from the Richfield Chamber of Commerce
CCG Automation is the proud recipient of the annual Richfield Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award. An award that was created by the Chamber of Commerce to recognize companies that provide both civic and economic contributions to the community.

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What is Energy Performance Contracting?

Energy Performance Contracting is a partnership between you, a building owner, and CCG Energy Solutions.  CCG audits your buildings and develops a comprehensive list of energy conservation measures (ECMs) that will reduce energy and water consumption, reduce operating and maintenance costs, improve the comfort of the building and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  You choose the ECMs that fit your needs and CCG bundles them into an attractive financial package.  There is no upfront cost as the future savings generated from the ECMs offset the cost of the upgrades.

CCG provides a turnkey project.  We audit the building, design the energy conservation measures, implement the measures, monitor and verify the savings, provide the necessary training and offer future service on the systems.